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Due on your blog and as a Word email attachment on the night of Fri. 9/25 by Mid

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Due on your blog and as a Word email attachment on the night of Fri. 9/25 by Midnight (cc yourself while sending). Double-spaced minimum (not including bibliography) a full 6-8 pages, see format details for essays below.

Topic: Relate an element from The Abolition of Man to a specific theme in That Hideous Strength, and analyze their relation to totalitarian issues in The Gulag Archipelago.

Include a close reading of at least two passages from the novel. If you receive a passing grade on the first essay, you may revise it for a higher grade based on feedback, turning in the revised version by the end of the semester. The essay that is due 9/25 is a final version, not a draft; you need to receive above an “F” on it also to pass the course. Opening paragraph rubric

Please craft an opening that conveys an engaging action scene or image or episode from the novel That Hideous Strength, in the first two sentences. Think of this anecdotal opening like a film trailer or the beginning of a TV newscast, designed to draw in your reader. Try to “show,” rather than “tell.” Then have your enthymeme thesis sentence in the third sentence. You can put the title of the book and author if you want into the anecdotal opening, to give you more room in the enthymeme. Then have the fourth and fifth sentences support your enthymeme, and maybe connect it more directly with the other two, non-fictional, books. In the sixth sentence of the opening paragraph, try to give your reader a connection between your argument in the essay and an issue of concern in life today. This six-sentence model for the opening paragraph is designed to help engage a public audience. We’ll workshop it in class.

Body Paragraph Rubric Each body paragraph should start with an opening image from the focus passage under study, followed in the second sentence by a topic sentence in the form of a “because” or “therefore” sentence, connecting with the essay’s overall thesis form the first paragraph. Each body paragraph should include at least one citation from the novel, and should analyze a point from your focus passage from the novel. Historical and biographical background material should not be segregated in separate paragraphs but should be integrated with analysis of the two focus passages from the novel. Body paragraphs should not summarize but analyze, so please make sure that each has an analytical point supported by evidence from the primary text.

In analyzing each scene from the fiction book in a few paragraphs, you can draw on a menu for your close reading and analysis. This menu could include analysis of plot, characterization, theme, setting, diction, style, tone, parallels and sources (religious, mythological, etc.). Keep connecting back to your main argument in the essay, though, in each body paragraph, and avoid summary paragraphs or paragraphs that go off on a topic completely separate from the novel. Besides making connections with the two non-fiction books, you can also make connections with contexts of the novel that are historical or biographical (about Lewis and his era), but again, try to keep each body paragraph ground in a focus scene from the story.

Concluding Paragraph The concluding paragraph should develop the significance of your main argument to your reader, not merely summarize your points. More details Please avoid the first person and long quotations. Avoid the five-paragraph theme structure or its derivatives. Assume a public audience of your peers with scholarly interests. Each “close reading” section of your essay, focussed on a chapter sub-section from the novel, should be at least three paragraphs long. A sample structure: Opening paragraph/introduction, three pages for first close reading (multiple paragraphs, three pages for second close reading (multiple paragraphs), concluding paragraph. Format for Essays: 12 point, Times Roman or Garamond font, double-spaced including between paragraphs (no extra spacing), with page numbers and normal margins; minimum length does not include bibliography; no cover page, first page starting four lines from top with title and name, then four lines to start of text. MLA citation including Works Cited bibliography.

Essay Grading Rubric

20% strong argument evident in opening paragraph and its organization and writing 20% clear strong analytical writing flow from opening thesis through topic sentences of body paragraphs 20% good use of contexts 10% strong conclusion developing relevance of your argument to your reader 20% evidence of thoughtful editing and awareness of public audience 10% good use of citations

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