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I have already chosen the document for these assignments

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I have already chosen the document for these assignments Usability Test Plan Chapter 6 in Open Technical Communication deals with Usability Testing. Usability testing is the way to find out if a document (or an iPhone or anything else) is functioning in a way that an end-user can easily find needed information or accomplish a task. We will be writing a plan on how to test the usability of the document we chose. Our test plan will be based on the government’s website on conducting usability testing,, Improving the User Experience.

Specifically, we will be basing our plan on Planning a Usability Test. You will need to think of all how you are going to obtain all the information asked for in Planning a Usability Test, “Elements of a Test Plan.” The section, “Identifying Test Metrics,” provides information on what type of questions you should be considering to obtain the type of information you want. We will be running the test and gathering data, so a part of the plan is thinking about how you would gather the data. Generally, this is done with the participant and the tester in the same place, but with COVID 19 and Social Distancing that’s not always possible. So, think outside of the box. Executing the test plan can be done in alternative ways. You can:

• Use WebEx o In Blackboard and information on how to use WebEx is available from WebEx

• Facebook Messenger calling

• Facetime Calling • Skype

• Or any other type of collaboration / meeting program you are comfortable using.

Nuts and Bolts of the Usability Test Plan You are going to be charged with writing a Usability Test Plan.

The formatting of the plan is up to you, but it will not be in the format of an academic essay. The genre/format of an academic essay is not technical writing. Now, by this point we will have covered different formats of technical writing from which you can choose a formatting. Since this is a technical communication course, you will be creating your own memo formatted test plan document based on the information asked for.

The Usability Test Plan must include:

1. The elements of a report: a. Executive Summary b. Introduction c. Conclusion

2. The elements of a Usability Test Plan

a. Scope Johnson_Usability Test Plan Fall 2020

b. Purpose c. Schedule & Location d. Sessions e. Equipment f. Participants g. Scenarios h. Metrics i. Quantitative metrics j.

Roles These are taken directly from Elements of a Test Plan, so if you have any questions as to what information should be in each section, refer back to the website. Now, this plan is going to be very self-directed. There are no student samples or templates from previous courses. As technical communicators it is your job to determine the formatting of the document to meet the purpose of the information and the intended audience’s needs.

We will be working through the process and addressing any concerns as they come up. This is just the first step in this process, there will also be a progress report due on 10/29/2020 and a UX Test Results and Recommendations Report due on 11/30/2020. The requirements for both of those are as follows: Progress Report You will be asked to write a progress report as you work toward completion of the Usability Test Report and Recommendation (Usability R&R), based on your Usability Test. These will be short, simple documents following what we have learned about Progress Reports.

We will use the following source for out information on how to write a Progress Reports: Progress Reports: Tell ‘Em How It’s Going or Not Going by David McMurrey. Your report will be in memo format and be organized something like: Introduction/project description Summary Work Completed Work Remaining Appraisal of Progress to Date Conclusion and Recommendations. Now all of this has to do with your writing of the Usability R&R Report. This does not have to do with the results of your Usability Test, but rather, where you are (your progress) in completing your R&R. As with any piece of technical writing, the progress reports must provide clear, concise, detailed information so that the reader will be able to determine the progress made.

The reports will be formatted as memos to Dr. Johnson. UX Test R&R Report Information The last big project of the course is compiling, analyzing, and reporting back on the data that you have collected from your UX Test. Most of our information on how to compose the UX Test R&R Report will come from the Reporting Usability Test Results, from the website. This site provides some information on how to interpret your data set, along with the areas that are required in your UX Test R&R Report. Included is some information as to what should be in each section.

I have also provided a template with instructions that we will use for composing the UX Test R&R Report Information. There are no student samples of the UX Test R&R Report, but we will be researching for examples that you will analyze and report on. Nuts and Bolts To compose your report, you will need to analyze your data set and then write. A lot of the information will be coming from your UX Test Plan. Yes, you can reuse it; but no, you cannot just copy and paste without proofing and editing. The information from your UX Test Plan will be in the future tense, because you haven’t run the test. The information presented in your UX Test R&R Report will be in the past tense because you have already completed it. You will be using the template that is already formatted with the proper headings and subheadings.

The template itself has information on the front page about how to use the template. We will also be doing some other readings, etc. on writing the report. Basically, this will be you using all of the information we have worked on over the semester. For example, what information goes in an Executive Summary, Introduction, etc. Now, I know the next question will be how long does the report need to be; how many pages. The report will be as long as it needs to be to provide all of the needed information. But the client does not live in your head, did not conduct the UX Test, so they have no idea of what you are talking about. You must clearly and concisely provide enough details so that the reader does not need to guess or fill in the blanks about anything.

You never want the client to fill in the blanks. If they do, it could lead to tragic consequences. A famous example of this is the memo from Roger Boisjoly on the O-Ring Erosion for the ill-fated Challenger Space Shuttle. There are multiple assignments here, but they need to all be done by the same person

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