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Explain how the Tuskegee Syphilis Study committed huge ethical violations.

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Please number and answer the following questions, based on lectures as well as readings and occasionally a video. When you refer to the reading in your answer, put the author’s last name in parentheses – example: (Brandt). Do not repeat the question; simply number then answer. Your total word count for this exam should be minimum 1500 words. At the top of your exam please put your name, class, and word count. You will submit this Exam as a Word doc via Canvas by the due date/time posted in Canvas. All answers must be in your own words; no direct quoting from lecture material or readings is allowed.

In other words, you of course will summarize points from the readings, but the key word is summarize. You must put the readings’ points into your own words; please do not quote word-for-word from the readings. Please note that while this exam is open (that is, open-note, open-book), you MAY NOT work with other people on this exam. This exam is to be completed by you individually; any collaboration with other people on this exam constitutes cheating, so please be sure to work independently. Please note that exams that are late or under the word count or have direct quoting will not be accepted.

1. Based on the reading (C)Donnelly, Burgess, Simonds, explain how each of the following theories view human sexuality: functionalism, conflict theory, and social constructionist theory. How do feminist theory and queer theory challenge the above theories? That is, how do feminist theory and queer theory approach human sexuality? Finally, what is intersectionality?

2. According to lecture but primarily the movie “Kinsey,” what was Kinsey’s background? That is, what was his training, what was he famous for studying before he started studying human sexuality? What prompted Kinsey to begin studying human sexuality? What was Kinsey’s research methodology, and how/why did he train his research team? What were Kinsey’s two publications, and what did they reveal about sex? How was each publication received by the general public? That is, how did people react to each of his books? Finally, based on lecture, explain what it means to practice good ethics when doing human sexuality research. Explain with examples from the reading (9)Brandt how the Tuskegee Syphilis Study committed huge ethical violations.

3. According to the reading (C)Alavi, what was this study’s methodology? In other words, what was Alavi studying? What were this study’s research findings? Give examples of how the dildos themselves as well as their packaging and descriptions reinforce racist stereotypes.

4. According to the reading (16)Simonds and Jungels, what are some limitations of children’s sex education books in their study? Specifically explain with examples how these books oversimplified differences between girls and boys as well as reinforced heterosexuality while making homosexuality seem deviant. According to the reading (20)Schalet, how do American vs Dutch parents (on average) differ in how they view teen sexuality? How does Schalet explain these differences?

5. Based on lecture as well as reading (2)Davis, explain what it means to be intersex. According to the reading, how are the outcomes for individuals who were put into surgeries as infants? Give examples. Finally, what is the difference between the terms DSD vs intersex, and who usually identifies with each term and why?

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