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Completing an informative speech

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Along with completing an informative speech, you will need to submit a full-sentence informative outline. Outlines should be in size 12 and Times New Roman font. I do not have specific page requirements but a thorough informative outline is typically at least 2 pages.
Remember that information should be written in full-sentence/short phrases and should not be in paragraphs or key words. The outline should be neatly organized with appropriate headings, indentations, alignment and spacing. The number of supporting points and sub-supporting points you have will vary for each student.

In-text citations and a work cited page must be included.
In the informative speech, you will give an objective, unbiased presentation on a topic of your choice upon approval by me. Informative speeches are intended to teach, raise awareness, increase understanding and relay knowledge. Informative topics should not be persuasive in nature and students should not take a position on any issue or provide their personal opinions. Your aim is to simply present material that you have gathered from the research conducted. You are welcome to show the pros and cons associated with your topic (based on research) and your audience may very well form opinions after listening to your speech, but as the speaker, you should remain objective.

Examples of informative topic areas include biography, historical event, place, process of how something works, issues, theories, concepts, etc.
Here is brief overview of the main sections of the informative speech. Refer to the informative outline template on the following page to organize your speech.
Introduction: The introduction should compel the audience to listen through the use of an attention-getter. It should provide a very brief summary of the topic you will be covering. The introduction should also have a strong and easily identifiable thesis statement.

Finally, it should have a preview that will provide a brief overview of the main points.
Body: The informative speech should contain three to four main points. Remember main points are key ideas about your topic that you will be focusing on. It should be organized in a way that helps the audience make sense of the message (topical, chronological, cause-effect, etc…). Each main point should be followed by evidence that supports that main point (supporting points & sub-supporting points which include things like facts, statistics, examples, explanations, definitions, testimonies).

Conclusion: All informative speeches should include a clear conclusion with a brief summary of the main points. No new information should be given to the audience in the conclusion. Keep in mind that an effective conclusion leaves the audience thinking about the speaker’s message.
Use clear organizational pattern with intro, body, conclusion and elements of each.
Be mindful of the sources used because this will add or take away from your credibility.
The content of your speech should be research based, not based on your own thoughts.
Include sufficient amount of hard evidence (facts, expert testimonies, statistics, definitions).
Do not simply rely on supporting material such illustrations, hypothetical examples, etc. Be specific!

Remember to include a variety of evidence.
Submit a typed, full sentence outline with in-text citations and a work cited page in MLA format in the page that follows.
Sources: For this speech, you will need to use at least 3 sources. One book, one newspaper article and a third source of your choice. The newspaper article can be an online version of the paper. I would prefer to use a major publication like LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, etc. You can go through the archives of the paper’s website and search for some sort of article that references your topic.

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