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Colonial controls and worker resistance from Tran Tu Binh’s The Red Earth.

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Primary Source Essay:
In this assignment you will write an essay that includes analysis of the primary source, The Red Earth. Primary sources are documents or other artifacts that provide first-hand accounts of the time period that you are studying. Primary sources are created by participants in or witnesses to events at the time or close to the time that they occurred. Primary sources include laws, treaties, speeches, diaries, memoirs, letters, reports, government or other records, creative works, and for later periods, photographs, films etc.

Select the assignment below and write an essay answering the posted questions. Integrate what you have learned about the era from your text with your analysis of the primary source reading focusing mainly on The Red Earth. Although you will be presented with several questions, integrate your responses into a unified whole.
An excellent primary source essay will do the following:
Explore relevant sections of the primary source(s) assigned.
Use and incorporate ideas, issues, or explanations from the primary source(s) assigned.
Specifically answer the question or questions asked. Do what the question requires (compare, evaluate etc.).

Briefly identify people, events, or terms mentioned.
Demonstrate a good knowledge of historical context of the primary source(s).
Support all general statements with specific evidence (examples, events, quotations).
Organize ideas into a logical sequence.
Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Formatting directions:
Do not include a cover page.
Put your name at the top of your essay.
Double-space and use a twelve point font.

Indent the first line of every paragraph. Include a Works Cited Page as part of the document if appropriate
Spell check your essay before you submit it.
Name your essay and save it as your last name and essay 1, 2, 3, or 4.
Submit below.

Using Library Resources:
If you need more resources than your text and the primary sources to write your essay, use library not internet resources. If you already have a library card you may use that card to access library databases at home. You may apply for a College of DuPage Library card online. You may go directly to . This address will give you a library card number that you can use immediately to access online library resources like databases. Use library databases by subject for your research.

Go to or . In this category some useful items might be Dictionaries and Encyclopedias like the Encyclopedia Britannica Online. It may be more useful to search databases by title at The database History Study Center is extremely useful. In History Study Center, rather than doing a search, use the Study Unit approach.

If you use sources other than your text and the assigned reading, see the section on Documentation and Academic Honesty in the syllabus.
Submitting your essay:
Essays can be submitted as attachments in Microsoft Word in any .doc file. Write, name, and save your essay. Put your own name at the top of the document. Do not submit your essay via e-mail attachment or through the Discussion Board. Submit this essay using the link at the bottom of the page

Click on View/Complete Assignment below. You may write comments in the Comment Box. Use the “Browse” feature to navigate your local drives to locate and attach your assignment. Use the “Submit” button provided to submit your assignment.

Assignment Selections:
A. Write an essay of at least 750-1000 words answering the following questions:
List two examples of colonial controls and two examples of worker resistance from Tran Tu Binh’s The Red Earth. How does the colonial system get colonial subjects to participate in the colonial economy (wage labor, cash crop production)?

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