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Proposal for Improvement of a Healthcare Organization

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Proposal for Improvement of a Healthcare Organization | Part 2 – Proposal Development for Intervention
The health care under consideration is the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). The wide gap and deficiencies in the access to basic health care prompted the creation of NACHC in 1971. NACHC is a collaboration of primary care organizations and state health centers. They can serve over 27 million individuals and have their centers in more than 9000 sites spread across the States.

They reach up to 11000 undeserved communities across American society (National Institute of Health, 2020). The financing of the health centers within NACHC is largely contributed by the public. They use the finances to source resources needed to conduct training, research, advocacy, and information across all its centers. The creation of NACHC was to promote health care that is comprehensive to be accessed by all, of high quality, linguistically and culturally competent, community-oriented, patient-centered, and effective. The services offered by NACHC include the provision of research-based advocacies for both the clients and the centers, the creation of private partnerships and stakeholders to increase delivery of health care, training and provisions of technical help to their workers, and creating awareness concerning the values and mission of the health centers. To understand the status of NACHC and insights on areas that need improvement, I did an indebt interview with DR. Kimberly Chang.

Dr. Kimberly S.G. Chang, MD, MPH, is a NACHC Board member. She also doubles as a director of Human Trafficking and Health Care Policy and a family physician at Asian Health Services. Asian Health Services is a Community Health Centre located in Oakland, California. As a NACHC board member, she is a representative of the Asian Pacific Islander community. She voices the needs of her community members to the NACHC to address the needs they require in the provision of quality health care, training, and technical support of staff. As the director of human trafficking, she provides the representation, vision, and management of human trafficking.

In the Health Care policy, she leads in the formulation of policies that could enhance effective and efficient health care that is people and community-oriented. As a family physician, she manages complaints, uncovers some conditions, recognizing diseases of public health importance, and manages acute and chronic illnesses. Her emphasis lies in the prevention of disease and the promotion of health.

Dr. Kimberly pointed out the mission of NACHC of provision of comprehensive, high quality, and affordable care that is coordinated, competent, linguistically and culturally competent, and community-oriented to underserved populations. The mission is broad, and being community-based implies it meets the needs of the community based on what the community needs. Being linguistically and culturally sound allows the provision of health care considering their culture, therefore, aligning with their cultural beliefs preventing any bridge and makes care more effective and efficient. NACHC provides a range of services and programs to help ease the provision of health care to people across its centers with the rapid changes seen in the health care landscape.

The programs include advocacy to the regulatory bodies on issues that affect the health centers in alignment with the mission. They have training and leadership development programs for their staff and their board members to lead and provide quality services to their people (National Institute of Health, 2020). Also, provision of services and technical assistance to meet the need of the health centers to disseminate care effectively. Various groups, task forces, and committees have been set up to voice the issues at health centers to the managing bodies. National awards programs for health centers have been developed to increase the health center’s motivation to provide the best services.

Recommendations for possible improvement to NACHC include the inclusion of social and behavioral determinants of health and creating interventions that could influence health outcomes. Inclusion of social and behavioral determinants of health in their role will help to address most of the root causes of most of the diseases. For instance, addressing the lifestyle behaviors by encouraging people to take place in exercise activity will significantly improve their health in people. Research shows that physical activities can help minimize the risk of major illnesses. The illnesses include cancer, stroke, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes which can be reduced by as high as 50% lowering mortality rates by 20% to 35% (Warburton, Nicol, & Bredin, 2006).

Therefore an address into the behavioral and social determinants like poverty, nutrition, sanitation, and others will significantly reduce disease burden hence improved population health.
Interventions to influence health outcomes include campaigns to create awareness for the people. Awareness campaigns can target vulnerable groups at risk of infections and inform them on prevention mechanisms, for instance, education of men having sex with men on the need to use condoms to prevent HIV spread. The NACHC community can also dispense these condoms so that they are available for use. Preventing diseases will cut the costs that are needed to carry patient care. It will also save the workforce and increase the economic production in the country.

The interventions will be in line with the Christian perspectives. Addressing the social needs of the community to prevent disease agrees with Christianity teachings. They teach the value of helping the poor, and this is what happens when the social needs are addressed. Christianity articulates the need for good health and more intervention to the prevention of disease, and promotion of health ensures good health. Therefore the interventions are in line with Christian perspectives that advocate for good health for all people.

National Institute of Health. (2020). National Association of Community Health Centers. Retrieved from Warburton, D. E., Nicol, C. W., & Bredin, S. S. (2006). Health benefits of physical activity: the evidence. Cmaj, 174(6), 801-809.

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