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What are some of the current issues or risks facing the deployment of controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) in the United States?

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Case Study Question: What are some of the current issues or risks facing the deployment of controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) in the United States?
In this activity, you will analyze and study the subject presented and compose a written response addressing the questions posed. The response should involve research of the subject identified below. You will use a Word® template to replace the content with your responses while preserving the outline format.

You will also practice the first few stages of essay writing which includes organizing ideas into main topics and subtopics in outline format. The final deliverable for this assignment is an outline of an essay in development. You will not turn in a completed essay, just the outline. Prior to starting, read the entire assignment below.
1. Save this essay template. Open the file and read the document for this activity.
2. Next, review the materials and content below. As you do, take notes of main ideas and supporting points on a piece of paper.
3. When ready to begin the outline in Word, enter information such as the title, your name, etc. onto the cover page.

Write the outline-
1. For the remainder of the outline, the content must contain only your words. Do not quote, paraphrase or borrow content from resources. Close all source materials before starting. Again, use only your words here. This is not about trying to sound like an expert. Just organize your tohughts and represent them on the outline.
2.Enter your thesis statement at the top of the firsrt page in sentence format.
3. As noted in this helpful video, think of a thesis statement as a one-sentence summary of the essay. Watch the video Writing an Effective Thesis Statement – YouTube

4. Enter a blank space for the introduction. It is suggested to write the introduction after the body and conclusion sections are complete. Many authors prefer this method so you are asked to give it a try here.
5. Using the outline format, enter the main ideas. Then under each, enter your subtopics. Be sure to use sentence formatting as shown in the example (this should not be paragraphs). Feel free to delete the existing outline prior to starting.
6. Add a conclusion section- this should also be in outline format.
7. The final outline must be no less than 1.5 pages long. A little longer than that (i.e. 2 pages) is fine, but the response should not be less than 1.5 pages

CASE INFORMATION: Computer Input-Output Technologies that Link Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.
Both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Eurocontrol (Europe’s FAA) actively research, experiment with and deploy technologies in order to create a safer and more efficient airspace system. An example is Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), which in addition to the existing radio, creates a second channel for communication between pilots and air traffic controllers (ATC). Instead of keying the radio, ATC and pilots type instructions and requests and send via text messaging. This reduces ATC workload and frees up the radio channels for important communications.

The following are resources to help you with your Case Study paper.
How NextGen Works (
Crew caution advised over latent CPDLC message risk | News | Flight Global
With Data Comm, pilots’ texts are saving you from flight delays – CNET
CPDLC General Safety Considerations – SKYbrary Aviation Safety
CPDLC – controller’s perspective – YouTube

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