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Reading Journal and Critiques: Response to Love That Dog

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The reading Journal and Critiques from my teacher are attached below
2.4 – Insight Paper: Your Response to Love That Dog
Now that you have jotted down your initial ideas to Sharon Creech’s Love That Dog in your reading journal (2.3) and have received my comments and suggestions, turn your reading journal into an insight paper. Please focus your insight paper on explaining the character you analyzed in 2.3. Using the evidence from your STEAL Reading Journal, explain your interpretation or understanding of your chosen character (Miss Stretchberry or Mr. Walter Dean Myers) to your audience. How would you describe their personality? Support this interpretation of their character with your inferences from the textual evidence in the novel.

[And remember there’s this additional support video that I sent as an announcement Friday afternoon: Additional Instruction: Week 2 Insight Paper Video].
What does that mean? Aim to use the academic essay framework (intro, body paragraphs, conclusion) to help you further explore and develop your thinking about Love That Dog.
However, while I want you to use the five-paragraph frame, your paper does not need to be deductively organized. In other words, you do not have to have an explicit thesis statement; your body paragraphs do not need to start with your point/topic sentence. Many writers (including me!) often figure out/work our way to our point (main idea) as we are writing. And that’s ok and encouraged in these insight papers. I want you to work on practicing getting your ideas down on the page–using quotes from the texts and making connections and meaning out of them.

What Goes in My Insight Paper?
An introductory paragraph that provides context (meaning background) of where you are coming from. You, as a writer, have to think about what that means and what you’ll need/want to include. Try your best not to overthink it; be authentic and help the reader understand what is shaping your insights.
Also, in this introductory paragraph, provide a sense of the focus of this paper. In revised papers this would be called your thesis. In this insight paper, it can be a question, a wondering. It does not have to be an explicit thesis statement and it does not have to be the last sentence of the introduction.
Include three body paragraphs that serve to work out/explore the focus of your paper. Because you are writing about literature, be sure you include textual evidence (a direct quote or paraphrase) in each paragraph. You do not have to follow MLA format, but do be sure to use quotation marks (“”) to indicate you are using a direct quote. You want to work on breaking down and interpreting this quote: what does it mean? How/why is it significant?
Include a final paragraph (often referred to as the conclusion) in which you offer your big so what. So what did you learn by writing this insight paper? What new insights do you have about the text? Life? literature?
** If you are comfortable with the deductive academic essay frame, please! Use it! The thesis-driven essays is just not required for these informal insight papers**
What are Substance/Content Questions?
I am asking you to ask me 3-4 substantial questions about the content of your writing. Why? These reflective questions help you build your critical reading and writing skills. What are you becoming aware of as you read and write and think? What do YOU want feedback on as you are building your writing skill? Your goal is to work on asking specific, focused questions so that my feedback is useful and helpful.
Please see examples in the rubric provided. Need help writing specific questions? Come see me during office hours or attend a WSP study session or make an appointment with our WSP tutor, Monique.
How Will My Weekly Insight Paper Be Graded?
Please see detailed rubric below.
How Should I Submit My Insight Paper?
Please submit as a Google Doc; this is the best way for me to give you feedback.
Insight Paper (1)
Insight Paper (1)
Additional details about the assignment
Insight Paper Overview
What Does Insight Mean?
What Is an Insight Paper?
An insight paper asks you to explain how you see and understand a text. This will help you learn how to distinguish informal writing from more formal, academic writing. All your writing stems for your insights–the difference is in how you explain, organize, present those insights. You can see this chart for the differences between informal and formal writing.
Also, you will decide what you want feedback on in these insight papers. Why? I want you invested in your writing and how you are communicating your ideas on the page.
How Do Insight Papers Differ/Connect to My Reading Journal?
Great question! Consider your reading journal your “field notes,” your informal thoughts of what you are reading. They may be unfinished and underdeveloped ideas.
In the weekly insight paper, you want to strive to make more logical connections with those ideas that you started in your reading journal, using quotes from the text to support and connect your ideas. Imagine this paper as an exercise in delving deeper (penetrating) into your thoughts. You want to give yourself time and space to make connections between your ideas. It is still informal writing, but it has an audience (me). You are working to explain your ideas to someone else, using paragraphs to organize your ideas and giving the reader a chance to pause between ideas.
For each weekly insight paper, I will give you a bit more direction, so please be sure to read each week’s insight paper instructions carefully!
How Will My Weekly Insight Paper Be Graded?
Another great question! I’m particularly interested in the questions you are asking about your work. Also, I want you to practice with turning work in on time and responding to the instructions. Why? As you transfer, you will need to meet application and scholarship deadlines and your application packages will be scored based on how well you respond to the prompts. I want to help you practice these academic skills in this English class. You can see the rubric below (it is also available in Canvas).
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTimeliness
10 pts
On Time Arrival!
Paper is submitted before the deadline.
8 pts
On Time Arrival–But I Need Editing Access
Paper is submitted before the deadline, but I needed to request editing access, which delayed my comments.
6 pts
Slightly Delayed
Paper is submitted 1 min. – 24 hours late, which delays my comments.
4 pts
Slightly Delayed –And I Need Editing Access
Paper is submitted 1 min. – 24 hours late, but I needed to request editing access, which delayed my comments further.
2 pts
Paper is submitted 24 hours +1 minute late – 48 hours late, which greatly delays my comments.
0 pts
Paper is over 48 hours late. Let’s talk about how you can get your work in on time.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSubstance/Content Comments
10 pts
Writer asks 3-4 substantial questions about the content of their writing. Ex). Is this quote supporting the idea that Jack’s ideas of poetry (and who writes it) shifts because Ms. S has him read poems by male poets? Notice here that this writer has provided a specific question/idea that allows me (the reader) to respond efficiently. I know what the writer is asking me and is trying to do in their writing.
8 pts
Writer asks 3-4 questions about the content of their writing. The questions could be a bit more specific at times. Ex). Is this quote supporting the idea I am working out? Notice this is more specific than the In the Ballpark (it is asking specifically about the quote and how it relates to the idea the writer is grappling with. However, naming the idea would be more specific, showing me (the reader) the writer knows what they are working/figuring out.
6 pts
In the ballpark!
Writers asks 3 questions, but they are general (which means I can’t provide meaty responses). Ex): Is this right? (This is vague because I don’t know what “this” is referring to. Also, right how? In writing, few things are right. You might ask if it is effective or logical).
5 pts
Struggling to Understand
Insight paper seems to offer substantial ideas & questions, but as a reader I struggle understanding the ideas at the sentence level, either because of missing punctuation or capitalization or spelling or syntax (word order). I want to understand what you are writing and thinking! Let’s find you some tools to help you!
4 pts
Getting there!
The writer includes 2 or fewer questions.
0 pts
Not included
Writer does not include any questions/comments.
10 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFollowing Instructions
10 pts
Paper meets paragraph and quote integration requirements.
8 pts
Paper is close to meeting requirements, but it falls a bit short in either paragraph or quote integration requirements.
6 pts
In the ballpark!
Paper is on its way to meeting requirements, but it falls a bit short in both paragraph and quote integration requirements.
4 pts
Getting there!
Paper is working its way to meeting requirements, but it falls quite short in both paragraph and quote integration requirements.
2 pts
Need additional support
Paper falls super short of both paragraph and quote integration requirements. I’d like to help.
10 pts
Total Points: 30

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