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Discuss the population health problem, its causes and risk factors, social determinants of health, and high-risk groups

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Evaluation Criteria
Abstract (2 points)
1. Completes an abstract of at least 200 words and no more than 300 words (2)
Overview of the Health Problem (10 points)
1. Discusses the population health problem, its causes and risk factors, social determinants of health, and high-risk groups in the introductory paragraph. (Discussion of pathophysiology should be limited) (4).

2. Analyzes statistics and rates to determine the seriousness and extent of the problem in the United States (3).
3. Provides rationale for why the issue is a public health problem and is of concern for nursing (3).
Consequences of the Health Problem (15 points)
1. Provides detailed discussion of physical, psychosocial, and economic consequences of the identified health issue (6).
2. Examines how the health problem affects individuals, their families, community, and society (6).
3. Identifies both short-term and long-term consequences (3).

Evidence-based/research-based research strategies to prevent or manage this problem (15 points).
1. Examines evidence/research-based strategies and services from professional nursing and population health literature that are effective with the identified issue and are supported by nurses and multiple professional experts/researchers (5).
2. Compares and contrasts recommended primary, secondary, tertiary prevention and health promotion strategies recommended in the literature. (Discussion of tertiary should be limited) (5).
3. Explore the evidence-based roles and responsibilities of community/public health nurses from various settings in addressing this issue (5).

Extent and Risks of this Problem in a Specific Community (20 points).
1. Describes relevant factors that may impact the health issue and/or access to health care in the target community. (Include factors such as the location, population health statistics, demographics, geography, social determinants of health, and environmental factors of the target community) (5).
2. Examines statistics from the community that support the significance of the health issue: The extent and rates of the identified community health issue, size of the target population, etc. (6).
3. Compares statistical trends of the health issue in this community over at least two points in time to a minimum of two of the following: State, regional, national, and/or international data (6).
4. Identifies which risk factors and high-risk groups put this community at risk (3).

Assessment of Evidence-Based Strategies in the Target Community (15 points)
1. Identify evidence-based strategies found in the research are being implemented in the target community. (These should focus on health prevention and promotion, not solely on treatment) (5).
2. Describe strategies utilized by agencies within the community (schools, hospitals, recreational centers, health departments, etc.) (5).
3. Identify effective services and providers recommended in the literature that are not in the community and/or are not accessible to the target population. (What is NOT being done that should be done; the gaps in service) (5).
Nurses in the Target Community (3 points)
1. Discuss what nurses in the target community/region are doing related to this health issue (3).
Evaluation Criteria
Writing Style (10 points)
1. The Introduction is strong and provides details about the subject addressed in the paper (2).
2. Headings are used to organize each section. Main ideas are clear, with important factors linked together (2).
3. Discussions demonstrate the ability to think about the issue critically (1).
4. Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation (2).
5. Sentences and paragraphs are well constructed and provide a clear and focused presentation of the information (2).
6. Length of paper is between 9-11 pages (1).
Conclusion (2 points)
1. The conclusion is strong, with a concise summation of the health issue, its importance to public health, its potential and real effects on the target population and community, nurse’s roles, and recommended strategies (2).
APA Format and Professional Writing Style (10 points)
1. Margins, title page, numbers, abbreviations and use of New Roman Times 12-point font follow APA format requirements (2).
2. Minimum of 10 professional sources, with at least 5 from professional (peer-reviewed health care) journals, two of which are nursing articles. Use of the most original, reliable, and up-to-date sources (2).
3. Professional resources are correctly cited within the body of paper and on the reference list (2).
4. All information is supported with documentation from professional literature and other reliable sources (2).

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