iSearch Section 3
Wrap it Up
The third section will synthesize and analyze what you have learned about your future career. It should be no longer than two full pages.
The third section should start with a short introduction to your final section. Then, jump right into what you learned in your project and what you will do with this information.
FIRST PARAGRAPH: Introduce the third section by briefly discussing your research question.
SECOND PARAGRAPH: Briefly summarize and analyze what you found in your research (this is an overview of the general information you found). Analyze what you thought about the information you found. Was it easy to find information about your career? What was the quality of the information you found? Was the information specific to your situation? How did this research affect your idea about what you plan to do for a career?
THIRD PARAGRAPH: Apply How will you use this information in your life? Did this project change the way you feel about your future career? Did the information you found cause you to take action regarding your career or your major, or change your plans in any way?
FOURTH PARAGRAPH: Re-evaluate your hypothesis. Did you find what you thought you would find when you wrote your hypothesis? Why or why not? How do you feel about the hypothesis you wrote now that you have completed your research project?
CONCLUDE your paper. If you started with a vision of your future, conclude that vision here. If you began with a standard introduction, review the introduction and qualify it. Tell what you know now.
Essay 3 Guidelines
The iSearch Project
For your final essay in the course, you will be doing an iSearch paper. The major difference between a regular research paper and an iSearch paper is:
The iSearch assignment requires that you devote time and energy to researching the answer to a question that is specific to you. For this iSearch, you will be investigating how you get “from here to a career!”
This paper is written in the first person (i.e. you use “I”), and it is written in three sections.
Each section must stand on its own, and each section must be at least two full (all-the-way-to-the-bottom) pages in length. The three sections are Introduction, Research, and Conclusion.
When you are finished, you will combine the sections into one paper. The paper will be 6-7 pages, not including the Works Cited page.
How to Do This Project
This paper should be written in the first person (use “I”), and it is written in three sections. Each section should stand on its own, and each section must be at least two full pages in length.
When you are finished, the paper should be at least 1500 words, not including your Works Cited page.
Here are the three sections of the research project:
Before you begin, please identify a future career. What can you see yourself doing in 5-10 years in the future? How will you get “from here to career”?
The first section of your paper is your opportunity to introduce your topic, your research question, and give reasons why you have chosen this topic to investigate.
Use Show-Don’t-Tell to get the reader interested in your topic.
Tell what you know about the topic.
Tell what you want to find out.
Discuss how you intend to find answers (your research strategy).
Discuss what you think you will find when you are done with your investigation (your hypothesis).
In the second section, discuss what you did to find out more information on your topic.
Write an introduction (each section should stand alone as a paper).
Tell the reader where you looked, who you talked to, and what you did to research this topic.
For each piece of research information you gather:
Introduce the source of the information.
Give the information you found by quoting or paraphrasing it.
Cite the source using parenthetical documentation according to MLA 8th ed. guidelines.
Explain how that information contributes to your understanding of the topic.
Make sure you tie your research, as a whole, into your topic. Discuss how the research illuminates, explains, or adds-to your knowledge of your future career.
The third section is your opportunity to wrap it all up. Synthesize (condense, bring together) all the information you learned in this research.
Introduce this section by giving a brief synopsis of the research you did.
Now that you have all the facts, what do they mean? How do they tie back into the future of your career?
How accurate was your original hypothesis?
Now that you are finished with the investigation, has it changed your initial perception of your future career? Now that you know what you know, what skills do you think you need to learn now to be competitive?
Please make sure you gather your sources for the Works Cited page as you investigate. Each source must be correctly cited in MLA style WITHOUT annotations or numbers. It must be formatted correctly!!

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