Week 3 Assignment: Career Assessment and Reflection 100pts Instructions For this

Week 3 Assignment: Career Assessment and Reflection 100pts
For this assignment, you will complete an interest inventory based on Holland’s theory and a work values inventory. Then, you will write a reflection on your experience with these two assessments. You may decide to share some of your results from each inventory but only those you are comfortable with sharing. In your reflection address the following:
1. General impression of the site including ease of use and appeal
2. Usefulness in your role as a counselor
3. Potential benefits to clients
4. Potential obstacles
5. Cultural considerations or implications
6. Discussion of the types of decisions that might be considered based on results
7. Any personal surprises you discovered or beliefs confirmed
To access the inventories, you will need to register for a free account through the College Foundation of North Carolina’s website. This site can be used by both students, adults, and school counselors to plan for a career and/or college. Access the site by first visiting CFNC.org.
To create an account, click “Create My CFNC Account” under “Access Your Account”. You will want to select “Adult Learner”. You do NOT need to select a Workforce Center, School or Program. Instead, click “Next” WITHOUT selecting a center. You can then enter your information to create an account.
To take the assessments, click “Plan” then “Plan for a Career”. Select “Learn About Yourself”. From here, take the “Interest Profiler” and the “Work Values Sorter”. Note your impressions about the site. You may also want to take the “Basic Skills Survey”, the “Career Clusters Survey”, and explore other parts of the site.
Your reflection paper must be in an APA style paper with appropriate headings and a cover page.

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