For this assignment, you will collaborate with your classmates to create a detai

For this assignment, you will collaborate with your classmates to create a detailed reference regarding the use of physical agent modalities in occupational therapy practice.
Start by reading the AOTA (2018) Position Paper on Physical Agents and Mechanical Modalities. Make sure to take note of the definitions Therapeutic Modalities, Physical Agents, and the categories of Physical Agent Modalities (PAMs).
Each student will be assigned one PAM to research and summarize the following:
Image of PAM (include under the title in the top cell of the table).
Physical/Thermal Effect
Preparatory Uses to Facilitate Occupational Performance
Physiological Changes Related to Application of Modality
Normal and Abnormal Tissue Responses to Modality Application
Indications Related to Selection & Application of Modality
Contraindications Related to Selection & Application of Modality
Precautions Related to Selection & Application of Modality
Guidelines for Treatment in Occupational Therapy (process or procedure, specific parameters, etc.)
Guidelines for Client Education About the Modality (process, outcomes, risks, and benefits)
Be thorough and evidence-based (provide source for your information with citations and references).
Deep Thermal Agents
use the following resources to complete the assignment, must be in apa with proper in text citation. if you use other sources, please only use sources in English and that can be accessed for free online via doi
Jacobs, K., & MacRae, N. (Eds.). (2017). Occupational therapy essentials for clinical competence (3rd ed.). Slack.
Chapters 34
Pendleton, H. M. & Schultz-Krohn, W. (Eds.). (2018). Pedretti’s occupational therapy: Practice skills for physical dysfunction (8th ed.). Elsevier.
Chapter 29 (p. 723-726)
American Occupational Therapy Association. (in press). Physical Agent Modalities. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 72 (Suppl. 2).
Required Learning Resources:
Best Electrode Placement for Arm and Hand Stroke Rehabilitation. (2016, July 5).

Best Electrode Placement For Arm and Hand Stroke Rehabilitation

There are a series of videos within this website that show placement of electrodes to illicit movement for NMES.
Optional Learning Resources:
Kendra Gagnon. (2016, September 16). E-Stim in PT tutorial [Video]. YouTube.
Ryan Krzyzanowicz. (2016, July, 10). Principles of Electrical Stimulation [Video]. YouTube.

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