We will be replying to my classmate Lula’s discussion which I will copy and past

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We will be replying to my classmate Lula’s discussion which I will copy and past below along with his requirements. I will also attach the scholarly sources we will use in the files section.
Lula Seaton discussion
Dr. Hufnagle
July 26, 2022

Discussion #8 Zombie Mythology

Humanity has zombies because we are desperate to hold on to what we know is already lost through death. “They desire to see their lost loved ones again” (Greene 121). Zombies are human’s imagination defying the reality of death in through reincarnation gone wrong. We also have zombies as a reminder of how bad human nature can be but with our bad actions there are consequences. An example of horrible consequences for bad actions would be “the attempted gang rape in 28 Days Later” (Round 155). Zombies and other creatures show humans that we are the monsters with our immoral and wrong behaviors.

Zombies have evolved in that “Zombies are everywhere – but it seems we are no longer afraid of them” (Round 155). Zombies are known for their slow movements and surprise attacks however the new age zombie is portrayed as fast moving even capable of running after you. Today’s zombies are charming and good looking. The new zombies make friendly connections with humans and even have words. “Although the living dead continues to decay, their stories are definitely evolved and, in these tales, man is often the new zombie and the real horror” (Round 155).

I feel that the influence that zombies have on, our culture is that they create a sense of hopelessness. They may even create a culture of suicide approval. “Once we recognize that our lives are absurd, do we really have a choice” (Green 123)? In the show the Walking Dead often a few of the characters choose to end their lives rather than to keep fighting for it. This mentally is also true in the real world and fictional shows may glorify suicide when life gets too hard.

They inform our humanity that life is precious, and that people are valuable. They remind us that not only are people are valuable but that our lives and what we do with it should mean something. “And most of us would rather die than to live a life where nothing is fundamentally valuable” (Greene 120). Unlike zombie’s humans have the capability to think and use their minds for greatness. Zombies only have one goal and that is to find food. “They spend all day everyday pursuing the same goal” (Greene 120). They inform us that we should strive to be more in life and to not every limit ourselves.

Zombies symbolize that death is real and there is no way of cheating it. They are the harsh reality that everyone must die. In the show the Walking Dead the zombie plague affects everyone ad every race, sex, age, all are at risk of contracting the plague and dying. “These bodies once belonged to people’s mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors” (Greene 122). Humans want to leave a legacy of themselves, but zombies infringe upon this idea. Zombies are the living dead and they do not have feelings nor emotions and once they have infected the entire universe there will be no legacy to be left. In a sense, zombies symbolize human’s insignificance towards one another. “Though we try to feel significant at the end of the day we aren’t” (Greene 123)

Word Count: 524

Work Cited
Green, Rachael Robinson. “Apocalypse Now.” “Better Off Undead.” The Walking Dead and Philosophy, edited by Wayne Yuen, Open Court, 2012, pp. 119–128.

Round, Julia. “The Horror of Humanity.” “The Horror of Humanity.” The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Apocalypse Now, edited by Wayne Yuen, Open Court, 2012, pp. 155–166.
Professor’s requirements:
Before this discussion view “Myths & Monsters Ep. 6” and “Night of the Living Dead” by George A Romero and World War Z and/or 28 Days Later (I don’t have free links to these films).
Scholarly/Secondary Sources-Before this discussion, prepare by reading “Better off Undead” by Rachel Robison-Greene and “The Horror of Humanity” by Julia Round from the book The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now and “When They Aren’t Eating Us, They Bring Us Together: Zombies and the Social Contract” by Leah A. Murray from the book Zombies, Vampires, and Philosophy: New Life for the Undead.
Critical Thinking
Student must respond with the same academic rigor as first post (see example on syllabus)
All posts must use, quote, and *cite the required and professor provided scholarly readings.
All posts should be a minimum of 150 words, excluding quoted material and citations.
*Citing the reading means using proper MLA in-text citations and a proper Works Cited for each post. Review proper MLA here

Swamped with your writing assignments? Take the weight off your shoulder!

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