Write a short research paper – 7 pages MINIMUM. The topic of the research paper

Write a short research paper – 7 pages MINIMUM. The topic of the research paper is open. Students can expand any of the topics introduced in this course. The following are only some examples: “Anti-Italian stereotypes in American Cinema;” “Anti-immigration sentiments and discrimination in 19th century New York;” “Little Italies and Identity Formation in 20th century America;” “Ethnic and Political Discrimination in the Sacco and Vanzetti Trial;” “Italian-American Identity in X’s Literary Work (pick an author).” Papers must include an introduction stating the aim of the research; the body of the paper; and a conclusion summarizing the findings. Papers must be written in a formal style, must avoid colloquial expressions, should avoid the pronoun “I,” should avoid personal judgement, and must be source-based. In order to write a good paper, students are expected to look for at least 5 academic sources. Students must look for sources offered by Farmingdale’s or other SUNY’s libraries. Our library has thousands of titles available online. If students wish to use other sources such as websites or journalistic articles, they must consult with their instructor. Students must reference sources and support their statements with footnotes containing bibliographic information. Papers should be formatted utilizing Times New Roman, pt 12, double spaced, and justified text (aligned margins). Footnotes should be written according to Chicago Style. A link please watch the videos provided by your instructor. Papers must have a title; the student’s name; footnotes; page numbers; and a bibliography. The tile page and the bibliography are not counted in the required minimum of 7 pages. Remember that turn-it-in detects PLAGIARISM – plagiarizing somebody’s work will result automatically in an F and the student will be reported for further disciplinary actions.

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