II. Reflective Essay (SLO 1&2; CO 1-6) After course readings and discussions, yo

II. Reflective Essay (SLO 1&2; CO 1-6)
After course readings and discussions, you are to reflect on your learning. You are required to
write a 2 (or more) double spaced paper that engages your critical thinking about the learning
process during this class. Post your final reflection on BB on the due date indicated in the
tentative schedule. A reflection draws from personal experience and how these personal
experiences impact your professional goals. Please create your own title for the reflection. The
reflection should include a cogent argument highlighting the following:
In 2 (or more) double-space pages, please include:
• An introductory paragraph that prepares the reader for the topic of your essay.
• Your growth in EDUC 3303 Methods and Classroom Management in Elementary
School (EDUC 3303).
• What you have learned from the readings, discussions, and activities in this class.
• What and how you will apply what was learned and discussed in the course.
• Empirical examples. Your work will be evaluated based on key ideas, analysis of
these ideas, your conclusions (if they are solid and agree with your argument), and
written skills.
• A concluding paragraph that summarizes your argument and the focus of your essay.
Grading Rubric
APA title and reference page; two complete pages following APA writing guidelines 3
Grammar 2
Argument construction (Introductory paragraph, personal growth, what you learned, what and
how you will apply what you learned, examples, concluding paragraph)

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