-Prepare an ANNOTATED Power Point presentation (12-14 slides) and a word (1000 w

-Prepare an ANNOTATED Power Point presentation (12-14 slides) and a word (1000 words) document with references describing the slides. You are requested to present the COVID-19 epidemic in Europe, including the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA).
-The presentation must cover the following:
1. Introduction : Short introduction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
2. Epidemiological measures of COVID-19 in Europe : This section should present epidemiological measures of morbidity and mortality in the EU/EEA reported by reputable sources. Explain clearly the epidemiological terms used i.e. incidence or prevalence, morbidity and mortality proportions.
3. Critical assessment of the epidemiological measures : Critically assess the epidemiological measures and explain what these mean regarding the impact of the epidemic in Europe i.e. low or high fatality, very contagious or not, etc.
4. Surveillance and monitoring in Europe : Examine and present how the monitoring data for COVID-19 is collected for Europe i.e. surveillance systems.
5. Critical appraisal of the surveillance system : Critically appraise the quality of the monitoring data and identify any limitations.
6. Public Health Response to COVID-19 in Europe : Briefly present the response policies and interventions applied in Europe to combat the COVID-19 epidemic and discuss any disadvantages.

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