1. PLEASE NOTE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW • In an essay of five to six pages, please ans

• In an essay of five to six pages, please answer the following:
• In what ways did (and do) governments, primarily in the South, keep non-whites from voting? How have court decisions affected the right to vote and how might racial diversity on the courts matter here?
An essay Each module has an essay question to answer. These comprise the bulk of your grade in this course. These assignments are essays, not research papers. As an essay, your responses should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Essays are due as described in the requirements above. Your essays should be between four and six pages each. Essays will be graded according to the following: o Relevance of the answer to the question (put another way, does your response directly answer the question/questions); o Use of readings (does your response use specific, relevant information from most or all of the readings in the module); o Proper use of grammar and language; o Proper use and inclusion of citations and references, which should follow guidelines of the American Psychological Association (https://apastyle.apa.org/)
I have attatched reading to help with this course also listed below is the links for this Course listed below along with links for lecture also please see attachments for reading also
Please visit the following for this module’s lectures:
Voter Suppression:
Adjudicating the Voting Rights Act: https://youtu.be/P9r4OFHR-og
Racial Diversity on the Courts: https://youtu.be/5rsA7OypKeg

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