A 321 Response is a “micro-paper” concept devised to make it easier to respond t

A 321 Response is a “micro-paper” concept devised to make it easier to respond to readings, discussions, workshops, activities, etc. As a micro-paper, the complete response should be about 300 to 500 words.
The 321 Response goes as follows:
Write about three things you learned, grasped, or got out of the assigned content you feel were most important or useful. It’s a great idea to include references to specific content in this part of your post and address them directly. In other words, support your comments or questions.
Write about two aspects of the assigned readings that you didn’t fully understand, you think need to be further clarified, you are uncertain about, or you completely disagree with. As above, be sure to specifically address why you included what you included.
Write one good question or provocation related to the assigned content for further discussion to finish your response; it should be something you want to pursue further or in greater depth. This is a great place to connect your response to your community, the larger world, or other issues that have come up for you in child-welfare related courses. Try to make your question (or questions, you don’t need to limit this to one) so good that readers cannot help but add comments or answers to your post.

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