Hello, and welcome to the Direct Care Project Part 2 tutorial. First, I want to

Hello, and welcome to the Direct Care Project Part 2 tutorial. First, I want to draw your attention to the Direct Care Project Part 2, planning the presentation check in. Just like in Week 2, if you’re watching this tutorial in advance, I want to remind you the week for check in is due by Wednesday at 11:59pm Mountain Time. But I encourage you to complete as soon as possible as your instructor will be reviewing and giving feedback to your questions to this check in no later than Friday at 11:59pm Mountain Time. Now you will see the Direct Care Project table on your screen with the Part 2 components highlighted in teal. We are nearing the halfway point in the course and you should have a good understanding of the direct care project. If you still have questions, please contact your instructor. For this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation that is due Sunday Week 4 by 11:59pm Mountain Time. This will be a presentation that you share with your audience. So be sure to put the time and content into making it look professional. Here are the general directions, but you will need to choose the link for the topic specific directions. The key pieces I want to point out here are to use the speaker notes as you will need them to present and also keep your presentation between eight and 15 slides, not including the title and reference slide. Well this assignment is stipulated in PowerPoint you will need to submit your assignment as a PDF, so that your instructor can see your speaker notes. They do not show when submitted as a PowerPoint. Here you can download a job aid if you’re not sure how to do that. Here, you will see a link to a PowerPoint template available for you to use, but it is not required. If you do use, be sure to remove all of the red wording and to increase visual appeal with pictures and designs. In this area you will also see links to topic and content for you to review. Now I will go over a topic specific directions but again follow the ones in your course on your topic as they may change. These are directions will cover the content that is to be on your presentation. Depending on your topic, you will need to find an audience you can see here this one requires three practicing our ends, but yours may differ depending on topic choice. You will conduct research and put together a PowerPoint presentation starting with community descriiption use that demographic and epidemiological data from part one. Then share an overview of the problem and contributing factors. For example, you have found a high incidence of drunk driving related deaths describe the problem or common misuse or abuse. The problems created from this such as drunk driving and what are the contributing factors?. Is there a lack of employment?. Are abusers depressed and there’s not a mental health support?. Are there cab or public rideshare options for people who need transportation after drinking? You want to think about the big picture. Next you will describe the topic. Here it is SBIRT, but it could be something such as air quality flag program or others, give an overview of the topic, including the elements use examples and outcomes. Back to our drunk driving example, how could expert be used? How about in a check up post-accident or ideally in regular check ups? How could outcomes be different or improved? For example, if SBIRT was used by a professional before an accident were to occur, what type of questioning and motivational enabling may help the client to understand how their actions may hurt others? This will be a key piece to helping your audience understand its importance to improving outcomes in the community. Next you identify a community resource that helps others with the identified problem. Is there a local AA, how can they be reached? Can anyone use it as a resource? You want to address all 4 A’s think about someone who would get it. How they would get to a resource times available cost stigmas to weigh stigmas. Think about any pros and barriers. AA is a great resource, but it can be considered faith based. How does that impact its use? These are the things I want you to consider. Applications for practices and next piece to the presentation. This is really where you will see that usability and importance. If you think about ASBIRT, if all nurses use it, how could it individuals and populations be impacted? Think about your audience if the topic was implemented, how it populations they care for and be impacted. You want to use at least one scholarly source to support this area. And finally you will have a conclusion that is a summary of the most important part and reiterate significance. The left side to be four references, your topic specific directions will give you more details on this too. And then you want to end with a Q&A slide. Your audience may have questions and I know you have or can find the answers. Once complete, compare your presentation to the rubric. Look in that first column to ensure you have met the criteria. In addition to the content. Content, you will know that writing and design in professionals will be graded. Again, you will complete a PowerPoint presentation but submit in PDF format. In addition to this assignment being graded, it will also be marked as complete or incomplete in the grades. Please note you may not present until your presentation has been approved by instructor. You’ll want to review the comments about your presentation from your instructor in the grades. Even if you’re approved, you may need to edit your presentation. If you presentation is approved it will be marked as complete under the Week 4 Direct Care Project Part 2 presentation, approval under assignments. If your presentation is not approved, it will be marked incomplete under week for Direct Care presentation Part 2 approval. Follow your instructors directions for the next steps. You may be instructed to resubmit. However your grade will not be changed, after your presentation is approved. See Week 5 Direct Care Project Part 3, implementing your presentation. Best wishes. And again, reach out to your instructor with any questions.

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