Therapeutic Tool Kit Overview As a school counselor, you will work with students

Therapeutic Tool Kit
As a school counselor, you will work with students with diverse needs. Therefore, you will need a significant repertoire of therapeutic techniques, strategies, and activities. Therapeutic tool kits contain strategies and activities that you can use in your work with students. You will use the Therapeutic Tool Kit Template linked in Resources to complete this assignment.
For this assignment, consider the variety of student needs that you might encounter daily in a school setting. You might counsel students with the following challenges:
Autism spectrum.
Sexual preference.
Gender identity.
Conflict resolution.
Anger management.
Time management.
Study skills.
A therapeutic tool kit can be used for a variety of students. Using one of the theories discussed in the course for each challenge, you will develop strategies and goals to address two of these challenges, as described in the Blooming Park Student Profiles.
Select two school-based scenarios from the Blooming Park Student Profiles in which you could apply each activity or technique in an individual counseling session. Identify the age, grade, and developmental level of the student. Discuss relevant aspects of the case and clearly identify the presenting issue. Remember, the issue should not vary from the list of challenges outlined in the assignment instructions.
Identify the counseling theory on which you are basing your strategies. Describe the theory and explain why you believe this theory is most appropriate for your work.
For each issue, identify two creative strategies for helping students deal with that issue. Include at least one measurable goal for each issue when outlining the strategy.
Identify ways that you could customize your approach with each activity according to the developmental differences of students. In other words, how could you use this approach or activity with students who are younger or older than the student group that you chose?

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