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Apply project management tools and a PM outline type of your choice to structure

Apply project management tools and a PM outline type of your choice to structure and plan the project by defining, planning, and controlling. The project will be a continuation of how to improve the process you chose in Weeks 1 and 2.
Create a 10 PowerPoint presentation (supported by Excel and Word as needed), with detailed speaker notes, that includes the following:
Project description
Project Management Charts (Critical Path, Gant Chart, etc.)
Improved Process Flowchart from Week 1
Meeting cadence/rhythm and timing
Metrics to measure the project’s success
Financial and budgetary considerations
Description of the project reporting structure
Cite references to support your assignment.

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  What are legislators currently doing to address your selected advocacy priorit

What are legislators currently doing to address your selected advocacy priorities for a vulnerable population? Are there current policies in place? Are there current policies proposed at either the state or federal level? What are the most obvious strengths and weaknesses of these policies as they relate to your advocacy priority? What might need to change? 
For this Discussion, you will identify a state or federal policy that aligns with your advocacy priority. After identifying the policy, you will consider how the policy aligns and supports your identified vulnerable population. How and why does this policy align with your advocacy priorities?
Post a response detailing the following: 
Identify a proposed state and federal policy that aligns with your advocacy priorities for your vulnerable population. Clearly describe and provide evidence to support this policy. If the policy needs to change, describe and provide evidence to support the proposed change.

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.  BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL PARTS OF THE Q.MLA FORMAT  Q1 “From the time of the ear

“From the time of the earliest settlers during the colonial period until today, Jews in America have benefited from one of the most open and tolerant of societies. In fact, American Jews have never felt any tension between their religious and cultural identity and their desire to be accepted in American society.” – Anonymous historian
Based on the materials we have studied throughout the entire semester, write an esay arguing either for or against the proposition of this anonymous historian.  Give specific evidence to back up your opinion.
Q 2
World War II was a dramatic turning point in American Jewish history. Explain how and why Jewish life was so different in the period before the war and the period after the war (from 1945 on). How did these shifts ultimately change the central issues of concern to American Jews? In discussing these changes and their impact, be sure to consider all the various dimensions of Jewish life we have discussed: religious, economic, political, and cultural.
Q 3
Read the following quotation and then answer the question following it.
“I regard anti-Semitism as ineradicable and as one element of the toxin with which religion has infected us. Perhaps partly for this reason, I have never been able to see Zionism as a cure for it. American and British and French Jews have told me with perfect sincerity that they are always prepared for the day when ‘it happens again’ and the Jew-baiters take over. (And I don’t pretend not to know what they are talking about: I have actually seen the rabid phenomenon at work in modern and sunny Argentina and am unable to forget it.) So then, they seem to think, they will take refuge in the Law of Return, and in Haifa, or for all I know in Hebron. Never mind for now that if all of world Jewry did settle in Palestine, this would actually necessitate further Israeli expansion, expulsion, and colonization, and that their departure under these apocalyptic conditions would leave the new brown shirts and backshifts in possession of the French and British and American nuclear arsenals. This is ghetto thinking, hardly even fractionally updated to take into account what has changed. The important but delayed realization will have to come: Israeli Jews are a part of the diaspora, not a group that has escaped from it. Why else does Israel daily beseech the often-flourishing Jews of other lands, urging them to help the most endangered Jews of all: the ones who rule Palestine by force of arms? Why else, having supposedly escaped from the need to rely on Gentile goodwill, has Israel come to depend more and more upon it? On this reckoning, Zionism must constitute one of the greatest potential non sequiturs  (an inference or conclusion that does not follow from the premises or evidence)  in human history.”
― Christopher Hitchens, Hitch 22: A Memoir (Links to an external site.)
What is the main point that Hitchens makes about anti-Semitism?  Do you agree with him?  Why or why not?  Is the State of Israel capable of being the savior the Jews?  Why or why not?
The Jewish community today faces some major challenges and there is a sense of fear and even pessimism that these challenges can be overcome.  Read the passage below by Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, former chief rabbi of the British Commonwealth, an Orthodox Jew, and one of the leading intellectuals of our time.  After reading it, indicate whether you agree or disagree with him and explain your answer using specific evidence.
“My belief is that many, perhaps most, Jews within Israel and outside have forgotten the Jewish
story: the journey from slavery to freedom, darkness to light, exile to the Promised Land, a journey
of faith sustained by faith. In its place has come another story, so often recited, so often seemingly
confirmed by events, that it has come to seem the Jewish story.
It goes like this: Jews have been persecuted throughout the ages. They were in Christian Europe
from the eleventh to the twentieth century. They are now in the predominantly Muslim Middle
East. To be a Jew is to be hated and to defy that hate. As one twentieth-century Jewish theologian,
Emil Frankenheimer, put it: Jews are commanded to stay Jewish in order to deny Hitler a posthumous
victory. Jews are, in the biblical phrase, ‘the people that dwells alone (Numbers, 23:9).
First, [this] isn’t the Jewish story. The facts may be true, but the narrative is wrong. Second, it
risks becoming a classic case of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Believing themselves to be alone, Jews
will find themselves alone. Third, it leads to a set of attitudes utterly inconsistent with classic
Jewish self-understanding. It turns Jews into victims. It renders them passive-aggressive. It makes
them distrust the world, which can lead to other- or self-hatred. Fourth, it generates policies that
are self-destructive. Fifth, it demoralizes at the very time when the Jewish people need strength.
Sixth, it will lead Jews to leave Judaism. Seventh, it deprives Jews and humanity of the very thing
that constitutes the Jewish message to humanity: the Jewish story, told and lived, whose theme
is the audacity of hope.”
(Jonathan Sacks, Future Tense. A Vision for Jews and Judaism in the Global Culture, 2009)
5)  How has the relationship between Jews and African Americans evolved? How would you describe the nature of contemporary Jewish politics?

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  This week, you read about the start of the formal U.S. welfare system in the p

This week, you read about the start of the formal U.S. welfare system in the post-Civil War era, as the U.S. government took on more and more responsibility for aid. That government responsibility continues today in current public welfare programs, and it is often debated at public meetings.
As a social work student, you can learn a great deal from how these meetings are conducted, specifically: What kinds of policy issues are being discussed today, and how do governmental bodies resolve these issues? How are these issues presented and advocated by the populace? For this Assignment, you will be a “fly on the wall” observing the proceedings of a meeting in your area. 
 Attend a public meeting that addresses a social welfare-related issue. Examples include school boards, local government council meetings, Congressional hearing, or public hearings. If you are unsure if your choice is appropriate, check with your Instructor. 
2-3 pages
State the title of the meeting and its date, time, and location. Attach the agenda of the meeting.
Explain the purpose of the meeting, and describe the attendees (for example, a school board meeting on bullying policies with parents, teachers, and counselors in attendance).
Explain the policy or policies discussed at the meeting. What social injustices or discrimination did you observe? What problems and solutions were discussed?
Describe the overall discussion in the meeting. Were the leaders willing to work with the attendees in resolving the problems? Did the attendees feel heard? What were the communication styles of the leaders and the attendees?
Describe how the meeting ended. Were the attendees satisfied with the meeting?
What are the advocacy needs of this group? Did they stay after the meeting to discuss among themselves?

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How does forging interpersonal relationships among educators, paraeducators, and

How does forging interpersonal relationships among educators, paraeducators, and service providers  and improving instruction and delivery of services through designing opportunities and sustainable structures consider culturally responsive practices and behavior support practices?

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  To begin my discussion, I would like to discuss the facility in which I work a

To begin my discussion, I would like to discuss the facility in which I work as an assistant director of nurses. I spoke with my corporate nursing consultant as well as my administrator for this assignment. Reliance healthcare corporation owns several skilled nursing facilities in the state of Arkansas. Their main office has different branches that research different areas of the healthcare system in nursing homes such as payables. They look at what each nursing home spends on each item compared to their census. Then a budget is created and given to each department (nursing, housekeeping, maintenance activities, and dietary) for each month. Using big data and algorithms, this branch would be null and void. Analysis of big data by machine learning offers considerable advantages for the assimilation and evaluation of large amounts of complex healthcare data (Ngiam & Khor, 2019). There would need to be a few to manage the machine, but no longer as many employees to configure data. With the clinical problem as the focal point, the ability of machine learning to assimilate and analyze large and diverse datasets comprising different types of clinical data makes it an invaluable aid to clinicians in making decisions for the care of their patients. Using this tool, healthcare clinicians can take into consideration more pieces of evidence than they could otherwise process and remember on their own accord.
While I was doing the budget during the month my DON was out, I learned that Reliance has certain companies they allow us to order from so they can assimilate the data to configure how much we are spending in each department on each resident. The EHR (electronic health record) is also used to run reports to configure how much we should be spending on supplements and snacks for weight loss. If the residents are not consuming the supplements, corporate knows by running reports on the amounts consumed. The drawback to big data is that if not engineered correctly, big data can be ineffective. The flaw in our system is that if the algorithm words are not put in correctly all the data will be skewed. A report can be run on supplements such as Boost and how much is consumed at each administration. This shows nursing that the resident doesn’t like the supplement and to provide something else to gain weight. If the amount consumed is not put in as mL then the algorithm cannot read and produce an accurate count of who drinks how much. Training our staff in how to run and use these reports would facilitate a more positive outcome in using these reports to help residents gain weight, and also save on the facility’s budget. Big data analytics that evolved from business intelligence and decision support systems enable healthcare organizations to analyze an immense volume, variety and velocity of data across a wide range of healthcare networks to support evidence-based decision-making and action-taking (Wang et al., 2017) In the incident and accident section of the EHR, the assessments flow fluidly, but if not started efficiently then they do not flow correctly. I feel with proper training in nursing school on EHRs and how to correctly run reports, we could see a better outcome for our residents in skilled nursing facilities. Training in every department would be required in order for the facility to run seamlessly. Failure to recognize how this data interacts throughout the system has been a limitation in the types of data analytics that have been put forth. The frustration that we often have as nurse leaders in looking at this data, is [that] some of the variables we care about the most, aren’t even in the data. Nurses don’t have something that measures nursing competence, for example. We don’t have something that measures how committed the nurses are. We don’t have something that measures if the patient is really going to do the interventions, we just invested time and money into teaching/providing them (Thew, 2016). Through education in nursing schools and orientation at new nursing jobs, we should be able to combat some of these issues.
Ngiam, K. Y., MMBS, & Khor, I. W., PhD. (2019, May). Big data and machine learning algorithms for health-care delivery. ScienceDIrect. to an external site.
Thew, J. (2016, April 19). Big data means big potential, challenges for nurse execs Links to an external site. Links to an external site.. Retrieved from
Wang, Y., Kungh, L., & Byrd, T. A. (2017). Big data analytics: Understanding its capabilities and potential benefits for healthcare organizations. Elsevier. to an external site.

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 If you’re short on time or feeling overwhelmed. However, it’s important to make

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Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read Chapters 8, 12, and 13 i

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read Chapters 8, 12, and 13 in DSM 5 Made Easy: The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis; Chapter 2 in Turning Points in Dynamic Psychotherapy: Initial Assessment, Boundaries, Money, Disruptions and Suicidal Crises; Chapter 5 in The Psychiatric Interview: Evaluation and Diagnosis; all required articles; and review the PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Studies Download PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Studiesdocument.
One of the most important aspects of developing competence in psychopathology is to be as honest and as self-aware as possible about your personal attitudes toward people who have mental health conditions. Through this awareness, we are better able to challenge our own biases and prejudicial views in order to be more open to the findings within scholarly research.
For your initial post in this discussion, choose one of the five case studies from the PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Studies Download PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Studiesdocument, and write a detailed description of your uncensored personal observation of the patient depicted. Include any personal thoughts and feelings you have about the client or the scenario that may be related to personal biases. Describe at least one theoretical orientation you would use to conceptualize your view of the patient’s problem and how it may have developed (e.g., cognitive, behavioral, humanistic, biological, sociocultural, evolutionary, psychoanalytic, integrative, etc.). NOTE: Be clear that you are writing about theoretical orientations and using the theoretical orientations to explain the client’s symptoms and presenting problems. Do not use the theoretical orientations to discuss any therapy or treatment approaches. Your application of the theoretical orientations should answer the question: How did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problems? For example, “Based on the cognitive perspective, how did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problem?” “Based on the humanisitic perspective, how did this client develop the symptoms and current presenting problem?” Etc.  Next, identify the issues you might focus on in treatment with this patient. Be sure to identify within your post which of the five case studies you have chosen.

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  Prior to its revolution, Haiti was one of the wealthiest colonies in the wor

Prior to its revolution, Haiti was one of the wealthiest colonies in the world. The French reaped those rewards. So what happened? Why a revolution? Why a violent revolution? Why didn’t the United States help in the Haitian Revolution? Give examples.