Women's & gender studies

Grading: 30 points Follows General Guidelines (5 points) 3-5 pages (not includi

Grading: 30 points
Follows General Guidelines (5 points)
3-5 pages (not including title page or reference page)
Includes separate title page with the topic choice
Includes separate reference page
Application (17 points)
Follows the outline formatted below/ answers the questions fully
Apply information from the textbook, references, and class to address the topic (should have in-text citations)
3. Quality of Written Report (8 points)
Double spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins, black ink
College level writing style and composition (proofread, caps, and punctuation correct)
Paper Outline:
What subject did you choose to focus on?
Describe why you chose this particular subject, e.g., to increase your knowledge; to clarify conflicting views on the subject; to learn practical suggestions or tools for your personal life; etc.
What questions did you have before you began your research on the subject?
Using your text and other sources, explore the current views on this subject, or compare and contrast the opposing viewpoints on the topic, or describe the practical tools or “learnings” helpful to you personally.
What are the conclusions you have drawn from your review?
Include citations for all information and concepts that are not your own, and include a reference page at the end of your paper.
Having completed your review, have your views changed, or have they remained the same?
Discuss whether you understand this subject better and why.
Final summary of the paper overall.
REFERENCE PAGE (NOT counted as one of the required pages.)
Use APA style
Should be a minimum of 3 sources (your textbook can count as 1