You are required to prepare a word document for the sec-10k report.

For this assignment i need two different things. I am attaching the 10-k report that was previously done, which are part 5. The company name is Grant Thornton LPP
Part 1.
It is time to prepare the final project and submit one Word Document in the assignment folder. You may place a cover page. You should also include the financial statements for the reader’s reference.
You are required to prepare a word document for the SEC-10K Report.
The word document should be at least three pages long, but no more than eight pages exclusive of the financial statements and works cited list.
Make sure you include the works cited list in APA format.
Word Document Requirements
Single-space with double-space between paragraphs.
Include page numbers.
Use headings to organize the report based on the financial statements.
Include the financial statements for the reader’s reference. This is not related to the 8-page maximum requirement.
Works cited list is also excluded from the 8-page maximum requirement.
Part 2(Powerpoint Presentation and sample is attached)
You are required to prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation for the SEC-10K Report.
The presentation should be more than ten slides.
Make sure you include a reference list in APA format.
PowerPoint Requirements
Refer to the Week 7 SEC 10-K PowerPoint Presentation discussion to finalize your document


I need atleast 7 references.

this file has the instructions on writing. I am also attaching template as well. I need atleast 7 references. Here is the link to the video:…


Be sure to cite your work properly, including quotation marks and page numbers when adopting even short passages from the original text.

250-350 word RC Response:
1st paragraph: What was your reaction to the article?
2nd paragraph: Identify a potential connection between the topic of the reading and a person, group, or movement of your choice.
Be sure to cite your work properly, including quotation marks and page numbers when adopting even short passages from the original text.


Write an elevator speech to convince a descision maker to include trauma-awareness content in the standards and regulations for childcare providers.

Write an elevator speech to convince a descision maker to include trauma-awareness content in the standards and regulations for childcare providers. Please referenc “The Ten Sencentences” document in the folder.


Why is citing all sources listed as references important?

Week 4
What is required is responding to 2 classmate initial responses, below is the reference to there initial posts and the classmate initial post are in the attachments.
D1. Primary and Secondary Audiences
You will share your understanding of primary and secondary audiences with your classmates and how this understanding impacts your business report.
The purpose of this discussion topic is to allow you to reflect on your audience for your final research-based report and to see how your fellow students’ concept of audience may have impacted their reports.
Please respond to the following items. Post your responses to these items to this discussion topic.
Please conduct a search on the terms primary audience and secondary audience. List two sources you found and how they defined these two terms.
For your research-based report, who is the primary audience? Who is the secondary audience?
Does the secondary audience impact how you write the report? Please explain why or why not.
D2. Examining a Sample Synthesis Lit Review (WA#2)
Please examine the sample synthesis literature review, “Employee Retention and Turnover.” (BE AWARE: This paper is cited and lists references using APA 6th Edition)
(The review can be found in the Week 4 Content or under the Content heading “Sample Papers for WRTG 394.”)
Answer the following questions. Post your answers as your response to this discussion topic.
1. Discuss how well the student has synthesized the sources (base your response on your review of the sample synthesis essays and the video located in the Content area for Weeks #2 and #3).
Note one area where synthesis was well done. Explain in a sentence or two why the synthesis was effective in this part of the paper.
Note one area where synthesis could have been improved. Explain in a few sentences why the synthesis was not particularly effective in this part of the paper.
2. Check to see if the student writer has provided at least one citation for every source listed in the references for the student’s paper. Note whether the student has done this successfully or has failed to cite any source(s). Why is citing all sources listed as references important?


400 words

This is a group work and my part is only about Finance and Resource. 400 words
Company to analyze is Deliveroo.
Analyze Deliveroo Company financial information to evaluate its performance to determine whether people would invest in it and is it a good business
I have attached some examples. See he parts highlighted in those examples about Finance and Resource

I have searched some links I think they will be helpful as they give the financial information about Deliveroo Company but if you find more useful sources you can use them as well

Deliveroo Revenue and Usage Statistics (2022)

Deliveroo SWOT Analysis


Select a political figure or organization that is interested in your topic in some way and research

The purpose of this essay is for you to practice writing an academic argument for a specific audience
who is interested in your topic in some way. This essay will take the shape of a letter. It may be to
persuade your audience that your problem is a problem worthy of attention, or it may argue for a
solution to your problem.
Steps for Completion:
Narrow your topic to a specific research question
Select a political figure or organization that is interested in your topic in some way and research
what their position is on this topic.
Research both scholarly and non-scholarly sources as evidence for your argument.
Write a 3-4 page persuasive letter
Technical requirements:
6-7 pages long
Minimum 2 scholarly sources
Minimum of 1 non-scholarly source
Works cited in APA or MLA format (not included in page length)


Write a paper, on your research topic(my topic in computer technology in cars).

Write a paper, on your research topic(my topic in computer technology in cars). It must be no less than 2,000
words (use WordCount). Please use formal English (no slang). Guidelines:
Include a nice cover page: with title (in bold), name, date, and CSIT 100
Set all margins to 1 inch, use Times New Roman size 12 font, set line spacing 1.5, set
alignment to justify
If you need to include a quote, then use quotation marks, provide references, if not,
paraphrase. DO NOT copy the original text and submit it as your own.
At the end, provide a list of references for all web sites and books that you used.
(I wanted to structure this research paper into 3 sections, 1 being early tech in cars, the second being modern tech in cars, and then the 3rd being the future of tech in cars)
(This is a computer class so I also wanted to focus on the functions of the technology in the cars and compare it to desktop computers and their functions)


Compare bales acting style to andrew (emilio estevez) in the breakfast club.

In a 500 words discussion, compare the method actor to another actor in a different film who is not known as a method actor. The method actor you will be writing about is Christian Bale, specifically his performance in the movie “The fighter”. Compare Bales acting style to Andrew (Emilio Estevez) in the breakfast club. The work needs to compare the acting style between the two actors in the two mentioned movies


Is it clear?

Part 1: Paper 1 Proposal — Introduction and Thesis
For this part of the Discussion Board, please post your Paper 1 Introduction and Thesis for the entire 4-page paper. The thesis should occur at the end of the introduction and give an overview of your entire paper. Thus, your introduction and thesis are meant to be a roadmap for the entire paper and should address all three stories. (Attached below)
Introduction Guidelines
Your introduction should initially grab our attention and set up the context for the issue under discussion. Your introduction should do the following:
Grab our attention with a personal anecdote, a provocative question, statistics, surprising facts, etc. This should be brief. Avoid extensive “throat clearing.” Also avoid overly broad introductions of the following variety: “Since the beginning of time, people have had homes…”
Move quickly into discussion of the texts. Be specific and explicit.
Transition into your thesis.
Thesis Guidelines
When writing your thesis, use the following questions to help guide you:
Is the thesis arguable? In other words, might another reader of the texts disagree with your assessments?
Is it clear?
Does it answer all the questions?
What in the thesis needs to be focused, or more specific? Often, these are too broad or vague in the beginning stages.
Part 2: Write a Body Paragraph
Select one quote from Menendez (not the quote you used in the Critique Paper). You are to create a body paragraph in which you use the quote sandwich technique we have covered in this course. This body paragraph could be one of the body paragraphs in your paper, which covers all three stories.
Below is a sample of embedding a quote, aka a quote sandwich, from another class on another topic. The paragraph shows a proper APA in-text citation. The yellow highlight below shows the topic sentence, which leads into the quote properly introduced and cited, as shown in the green highlights:
We tend to associate certain objects to specific places or people in our lives. These objects trigger memories for us, and at times can deliver comfort when we need it most. In the story “Porcelain,” the narrator explains, “Back home in the city, Marion opened up the cardboard box and found not a clay pot but Amelia’s partially reassembled vase” (Rose-Innes, 2014, p. 45). This gift served as a reminder of her aunts and the love they have for her. In this way, Marion connects home with the people who care for and support her, whoever and wherever they may be. Please note these details in APA formatting. Observe these details in crafting the citations, or else you will lose several points.
There is a space after the quote introduction:
>the narrator explains,[insert space]”Back
There’s also a space after the closing quotation mark, after the commas in the parentheses, and after “p.”

>vase”[insert space](Rose-Innes[insert space]2014,[insert space]p.[insert space]45)
Part 3: Respond to 2 Peers by Sunday Night

For the final part of the discussion board, please respond constructively to 2 peers’ proposals (introduction & thesis).
Peer Review Guidelines:
Please choose 2 peers to respond to who have posted their proposals before This means just look at the time of the posting. This is to ensure that everyone gets feedback from a peer.
Write your feedback in complete sentences with 75-125 words for each of your two responses.
In addition to your general impressions, check to see that the introduction has all the elements mentioned in the Introduction Guidelines
Check to see that the thesis addresses the 4 questions listed in the Thesis Guidelines

Sample Introduction, Thesis, and Body Paragraph:

Part 1: Intro
The definition of “home” is different for every single person whether it be sitting on the couch of their parents’ house, cooking dinner in their first apartment, or even rooting for their high school football team at their alma mater. Off the bat, many would say that the definition of home is where a person lays their head at night but when digging deeper, home is much more complicated, especially for those who moved far away from their childhood homes. In the short stories,
“Absence” by Daniel Alarcon, “Ghosts” by Ana Menéndez, and “Horses” by Heidi North-Bailey, the main characters are all going through a period of transitioning into their new home by looking at memories from their past. In these short stories, Wari, Anna, and the narrator of “Horses” connect their current experiences in their new home and culture to past occurrences in order to create a new sense of home.[Thesis]

Part 2: Body Paragraph
In the short story “Ghosts” by Ana Menéndez, the narrator Anna is cleaning out her deceased tenant’s apartment when she finds a suitcase full of the tenant’s old memories such as letters from friends and family and photographs of past experiences. This sends Anna spiraling into her own past, questioning her childhood and her present life. Anna deals with the fact that she has built a new life in the U.S. and no longer uses her childhood home as a form of comfort.
Menéndez (2016) writes, “So much time gone by. Anna grasps at the blurred edges of her childhood, the past no longer the certain shelter she imagined for herself. Is it like this for everyone, or only for those who leave?” (p. 47). [Notice here that if you have a question mark at the end of the quote, you must include the question mark. Usually if there’s just a period you wouldn’t include it inside of the quotation mark.] In this statement, Anna is uncertain whether everyone feels this disconnect to their childhood home or just those who leave it behind. With this quote, she solidifies the fact that her life in the U.S. has forced her to create a new sense of home here, so much so that she can no longer seek shelter in the place where she always thought she could, her childhood.